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Probate, Estate, And Trust Administration

After a loved one passes, the family is often overwhelmed with grief and faced with decisions regarding funeral arrangements, and disposing of the deceased’s property. Unless the deceased had a carefully drafted estate plan, his or her assets are likely frozen–inaccessible until someone is qualified and appointed by the appropriate court to administer the deceased’s estate. Once appointed, the Executor or Administrator of an estate must comply with specific filing deadlines in the course of administering the estate. An appointed Executor or Administrator is a fiduciary and will be held personally labile for failing to administer an estate properly.

Ellen Fishbein is an experienced administrator of estates. Whether you need her to act as the administrator of your loved one’s estate or simply give you guidance on making sure you comply with your obligations as Executor or Administrator, she is can provide as little or as much input as you want or need to advance in the probate administration process. Her guidance enables the grieving family to minimize the additional burden of handling the necessary details for managing the probate and estate administration.

Ellen’s experience includes:

  • Setting up a probate appointment with the appropriate court;
  • Accompanying the named Executor or proposed Administrator to qualify to serve;
  • Preparing and filing the required notice to heirs and affidavit’
  • Guiding the Executor or Administrator in identifying Date of Death valuations of assets;
  • Preparing and filing an Inventory;
  • Guiding the Executor or Administrator in transferring title to assets;
  • Preparing Accountings;
  • Preparing an Assignment and Distribution Agreement;
  • Preparing Beneficiary Receipts;
  • Determining and resolving outstanding tax liabilities and preparing a tax certificate;
  • Guiding the Executor or Administrator in distributing assets to beneficiaries; and
  • Serving as Trustee or guiding the Trustee of a trust established by the decedent.

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