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Estate Planning, Wills And Trusts, Probate, And Estate Administration

It is extremely important for families with minor children to have a will and either a testamentary trust or a revocable living trust. Without these essential estate planning documents, a court will decide who will be the guardian for your children. In addition, if you have not set up trusts for your children, then your minor children will inherit your savings outright without any guidance or restrictions on the use of that money.

Without estate planning, your life’s savings will go to your heirs determined under the law, which may not be the people you want to have your money or property. By having a will, you are able to thoughtfully make these decisions. At the same time, estate planning offers the opportunity to consider income tax planning, beneficiary designations, and avoiding probate administration.

Creating an estate plan is not difficult or complicated, but it does avoid a lot of complications and headaches for your loved ones who will have to deal with your all of your worldly possessions and the costs of cleaning up your estate after you are gone. It is a kind and thoughtful action that benefits the ones you love the most.

Ellen Fishbein is an experienced estate planning lawyer who will work with you to create an estate plan that efficiently transfers your assets where you want them to go, while minimizing potential estate and income taxes. She will advise you on beneficiary designations, fiduciaries, and will help you convey assets to your living trust to avoid probate administration. She can also fill many roles in the administration of the estate. This allows grieving family members to avoid shouldering the additional burden of handling the necessary details for managing the probate and estate administration.

Ellen provides a variety of estate planning services to clients in Virginia and Washington, D.C. Her skilled background in business and tax law gives her unique insight for drafting effective estate plans. Her hands-on approach involves clear lines of communication so your options are understood and your decisions address your goals and needs.

Estate Law Services Ellen Provides

Ellen designs, drafts, and administers estate plans. Her services include:

  • Drafting wills
  • Creating revocable living trusts
  • Creating irrevocable trusts
  • Designing a special needs trusts or charitable trusts
  • Drafting Powers of Attorney
  • Drafting Living Wills and Health Care Directives
  • Assisting with beneficiary, personal representative, and trustee designations
  • Conveying assets to trusts

Helping The Family Move On

Ellen knows that proper estate planning reduces stress, minimizes costs and taxes, as well as ensures the smooth transfer of assets. She patiently guides family members through the process and handles all the necessary details, including assembling all the assets, paying applicable taxes and other expenses. Probate can be complicated in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. It is often in the best interests of all involved to bring in a lawyer knowledgeable in these matters.

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